About Me

Hello Beautiful Soul!


My name is Nicole Sanguinetti and I am an Angel Communicator, Intuitive Guide, Medium, Empath, Soul Mentor and so much more!



My Mission



My mission is to help awaken others to the magic of the Universe and discover their own unique gifts and light. Working closely with the Angels, I guide my clients to connect with the Universal energies to reveal their soul’s path, receive loving guidance from the Angels and help them to heal from fear based thoughts and beliefs that block them from stepping into their own magic!



My Journey



I was known as the extremely sensitive little girl who was always talking to someone…even when no one was there. From a very young age I would see colored lights dancing around my room. I remember feeling so calm and comforted in the moments those colored lights would “visit” me. They began showing up in moments of my life when I was scared or in an intimidating situation and would always make me feel safe and loved. I did not completely understand what they were, but knew that I was being watched over and protected.


As I grew, my connection to the lights became stronger and I began to see more clearly. At just ten years old, I had my first encounter with Spirit. My grandmother was the first Spirit to make her presence known to me, visiting me just a few days after her passing. The visits turned from seeing her, to actually communicating with her. Soon I was communicating daily with Spirit and the colored lights!


In my teenage years, my gifts changed again. I began sensing Spirits connected to other people in my life, not just the Spirits of those who I had known. I also noticed that I would absorb the energy and emotions of others! The connection became so strong, like a radio tuned to a very loud static channel. Try as I might, I couldn’t turn the volume down. 


It was a lot and I started to experience debilitating anxiety. Despite my connection to Spirit and the lights, I felt afraid and alone. That had never happened before. I was overwhelmed with my connection and felt out of control. 


Meeting My Council


I knew that my gifts and connection were causing me the anxiety and I wanted to understand why. When I met with my first spiritual mentor in my twenties, everything clicked! 


The random spurts of anxiety that I had been experiencing, were energies and emotions that I was sensing from others. I was an “empath” and had the ability to absorb these energies! The Spirits that were visiting me, they knew I was a Medium (before I understood what that meant!) and were coming to me so that I could deliver messages they had for those who needed their love and comfort. The colored lights I saw…angels! Angels who had been with me since birth, guardian angels who were guiding me on this journey of discovering my gifts. Archangels who had been waiting in the wings for me to call upon for assistance in understanding my gifts and connection. In that moment I understood it all…everything was finally clear!


I wanted to learn everything I could about my gifts and dove head first into my spiritual practice of connecting with the angels and spirit. 


My curiosity led me to some amazing opportunities and a wealth of knowledge! I studied with Radleigh Valentine to learn all about guardian angels, Archangels, tarot and oracle cards and worked to become a certified Angel Oracle Card Guide. I studied with Kyle Gray to learn about healing with the angels and became a Certified Angel Guide. I learned about my connection to Spirit, Universal energies and oracle cards with Colette Baron-Reid and became a Certified Oracle Guide. I learned to connect with the Divine feminine energies and the Goddesses Isis, Kali and Tara through transformational meditations with Alana Fairchild. And I learned to develop my mediumship and communication with Spirit with James Van Praagh and became a certified medium.


Stepping into the Magic!


All of this magic has lead me here. I am a free spirited, fun loving Angel Communicator, Intuitive Guide, Medium, Empath and Soul Mentor who is here to be of service to others. Those who are seeking connection with the angels. Those who are seeking validation from spirit. Those who are ready to step into their truth and light without fear. Those who are ready to believe in the magic of the universe!


There is so much magic to be discovered!

It has become my mission to spread love, light, magic and healing through the validating messages from the Angels and Spirit.


Welcome to Love, Light and Magic!

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