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Angel Coaching Sessions

Now more than ever we are searching for a deeper level of support. We as a collective are moving through deep shifts and changes...ones that we never expected to experience. This can cause us to feel anxious, nervous and stuck in fear.

This is why I have created a special hour long coaching session, The Angel Coaching sessions.

In this session, I will lead the group and hold space for you to get grounded, connected with the angels and work to release energy that is making you feel nervous or anxious. The angels are here to support us, and in this intimate group setting, my goal is for you to feel this connection and discover the support you were searching for. 


Included in this replay session will be:

  • A group meditation to get grounded and clear our energy

  • A group reading for the collective.

  • A channeled message from the angels.

  • Learn quick tools to clear your energy.

  • A Q&A session to answer questions you may have about energy, protecting your energy and grounding yourself. 

This call will be recorded so you will always have access to the session. No worries if you cannot make it live!

Lets get together, connect with the angels to raise our vibes and release anxiety and worry!

Click below to purchase your replay of this session. 

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