Awaken Your WELLth

A transformative coaching experience to guide you to awaken your inner confidence, create unlimited abundance, thriving loving relationships and the time freedom you crave!


It’s time to Awaken your WELLth!

I have something special to share with you…

You were meant for MORE!


More love.

More money.

More time freedom.

More confidence.

More abundance!

And it’s time for you to unlock the WELLth that you have been deeply desiring.



You are attracting your dream clients into your business and making more money than you ever thought possible!


You have finally cleared away all unhealthy, toxic relationships that were draining your energy and have now healed your heart to welcome in your dream love!


You are feeling more confident than you ever have before and find yourself shattering glass ceiling after glass ceiling as you freely share your passions and gifts.


You have more time freedom than you ever had before, allowing you to spend your days doing the things that bring you the most joy and fulfillment.


The results??





Your dream career.

Feeling confident AF!


The only reason why you don’t have...


The money you desire or 

The loving relationship or

The confidence or

The time freedom to live your life on your terms…


Is because:


You’re not fully anchored into your worth.

You do not fully trust yourself.

You haven’t healed your limiting beliefs.

You have not ended toxic relationships that don’t serve you.


and you are not fully aligned with your soul!


When you fully own and accept your worth, you will attract the money and abundance you have been dreaming of!


When you learn to trust yourself and your inner calling, you STOP wasting time and create the time freedom you crave!


When your self love is dialed up to the max and you finally release toxic relationships, you create the space to welcome in the love, passion and connection you desire!


When you awaken your Divine connection, you connect to your inner truth. When you connect to your truth, you unlock your inner voice and become confident AF!


This is what Awaken Your WELLth heals and activates!


You don’t have to do this alone.

You were led here for a reason…

Because the possibilities of your highest self are calling!

It is time to AWAKEN!


What is possible for you when you invest in yourself inside of the Awaken Your WELLth coaching program?


Become an energetic match for money and watch as the abundance begins to effortlessly FLOW into your life. 


Become a magnet for your dream relationship and open your heart to love. 


Become effortlessly confident in who you are. NO more guessing/avoiding/ignoring your calling. Get grounded in your desires and start taking aligned action ASAP!


Become independent and fully anchored into your truth and desires: Success and abundance are at your fingertips when you fully embody your truth and begin living your life for YOU! Know exactly what to do in order to create the time freedom you crave in your everyday life.

In this experience you are going to TRANSFORM!



I am here to guide you through your transformation and expansion to help you gain clarity to achieve your desires.


Guiding you to your deepest insights, collapsing time and guiding you towards your WELLth faster!


Welcome to your AWAKENING!!


The Details:

Weekly 50 minute coaching sessions that will give you tools and insight to begin taking aligned action in your life.


All sessions include: 

  • Intuitive, Psychic Readings. 

  • Channeled Insights. 

  • Accountability and Support. 

  • Access to the Awaken Your WELLth program only resources which include: Journal Prompts, PDF Guides, Meditations and more!  


Each session is completely customized to meet you where you’re at each week to expedite your journey. 


Who this program is for:


  • This program is for the woman who is ready to stop putting her life on hold! 

  • The woman who is ready and motivated to take inspired action everyday to create a life she is in love with!

  • The woman who wants to learn how to fully embody her highest self and open her channel to source!

  • The woman who is ready to honor herself and her energy 100%!

  • The woman who wants to break patterns and old stories that have held them back in fear.

  • The woman who is sick and tired of the same old games and ready for a fresh start!

  • The woman who is ready to invest in herself NOW and stop playing small!

Who would not be a good fit for this program:

  • The woman who is not ready to make changes in her life. 

  • The woman who will not make time for herself and her dreams.

  • The woman who does not want to do inner work to heal.

  • The woman who is not ready to put herself first.

  • The woman who is comfortable where she is currently at and does not want to take action.

  • The woman who is not committed to honoring her energy or taking the necessary action steps to grow.

  • The woman who does not want to be held accountable for her actions or future. 

  • The woman who is afraid to invest in herself.

How long is the program?:


The program is offered in either a 6 week container OR a 4 month commitment. We will meet weekly for 50 minute coaching sessions which will each be individually tailored to you and your needs. 


Do I get access after we are finished?:


Yes! The coaching calls will be recorded and you will have access to them. You will also have access to the program library continuously after our time working together 1:1 is finished. 


What is the investment for this program?:

The investment for the 6 week coaching container is $997.00 paid in full.


The investment for the 4 month coaching container is $3,600 paid in full OR $1,100 a month for four months.

How can I get started:

Enrollment for The Awaken Your WELLth program is OPEN! 

Fill out the form below to apply.

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