Break Free from Fear

The 6 week live coaching program to help you finally break free from fear!

Do you feel a deep inner calling to listen to your heart and follow it's lead, only to find yourself paralyzed by fear??

Well my love, you have this inner calling for a reason...and it's not meant to lie dormant inside of you forever. You are meant to shine and be free from fear, and I am going to show you how!!

Welcome to Break Free, the 6 week coaching program to help you find freedom from fear and the confidence to live out your dreams!!

How often do you tell yourself:

" I can't"

 "I'm afraid"

 "I'm not ready"

 "What will they think?"

"What will I look like?"

"What if I fail?"

"What if I succeed, who will I become?"

"What if..."

Aren't you tired of telling yourself this narrative over and over again? Are you ready to let the fear go and write a NEW story??


Well my love, I can help you with that!

Meet Your Coach

My name is Nicole Sanguinetti and I am an Intuitive Guide and Spiritual Coach. 

I have been guiding beautiful souls like yourself to connecting with Spirit and rediscovering their intuition professionally for 5 years now. My mission is to help you rediscover your light and liberate you from fear.

I have been there. I lived in fear for most of my life. Afraid of my gifts, afraid to grow, afraid to connect with my inner truth, scared out of my mind about what others would think or say about me. But then one day I became tired of being afraid. I knew there was more to life than living day to day in fear, just getting by doing the bare minimum and keeping myself and my light small so as not to disturb others. 

I woke up. I knew I was destined for I set myself free. I invested in teachers, coaches and classes to help me understand my unique magic and learned how my fears had held me back from shining for years. I have released myself from the bonds of fear, fearful thoughts, negative relationships and all limitations. I now live my life fully in my truth, unafraid what other think. I work everyday to help others awaken to their magic and truth. 


It has become my mission to help you liberate yourself and live a life free from fear!

Get ready to Break Free!

Break Free is my unique 6 week coaching program where you will learn how to identify your fearful blocks and how to bust through and break free from them, allowing yourself to live your life in your truth every single day!

Freeing yourself can seem overwhelming and scary, but with me as your coach, you will find yourself feeling confident and free in no time! I got you love, and I am going to support you every step of the way. I am a cheerleader for your light and I am here to help you rediscover that light and shine!

Here is what we will cover together over our 6 weeks together.


Are you ready to take your next step towards freedom from fear? Click below to schedule your free Break Free discovery call!

Details and dates for the next session will be coming soon, stay tuned for updates!


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