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Empowered Empath Online Course

How often have you experienced anxiety and uncertainty, due to your sensitivity to energy and emotions?

"I've heard the word Empath, but what is that?"

"I want to embrace my gifts as an energy sensitive, but I'm afraid I'll feel too much."

"I hate being labeled as sensitive."

I'm always feeling drained and anxious....I don't know how to heal it?"

"I want to take back control of my energy, but I am easily overwhelmed and I don't know how?"


Sound familiar?

How often do these thoughts cross your mind on a regular basis? Aren't you tired of feeling this way and being afraid?

Guess what?! It's time to embrace your gift and become the Empowered Empath you were always meant to be!!

The Empowered Empath

What if in just 5 weeks, you could...

...Learn ways to protect your energy...

...Heal your energetic anxiety...

...Stand in your truth and love your gift as an Empath...

...Have tools to clear your energy from the energy and emotions you absorb from others...

I'm ready to be Empowered, sign me up!

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I'm on a mission to show Empaths that their gift is a magical blessing, that they can stand in their truth and become the Empowered Empath they were meant to be!

I am an Empath who learned to heal my fears around my gift and embrace my truth!

I used to be afraid of my gift.

I used to feel guilty about saying no and making myself a priority.

I used to allow the energy of others to overtake my own energy and cause me anxiety.


In the past five years I have worked with incredible healers and well known Empaths to learn these valuable techniques that you will learn in this course. And guess what?! I healed my fears and anxiety about my gift as an Empath and now I am THRIVING as an Empath!!

I used to think the only way through this was to suffer in silence...

"Would I always be afraid to live my life in fear of whatever energy I might experience?"

"If I accepted my gift as an Empath, would it bring more anxiety into my life?"

"Would I always feel powerless due to this gift that I have as an Empath?"

The minute I opened my heart and believed in myself, I became FREE!

I learned I was NOT alone!

I discovered the secrets of energy cleansing and protection.

I began setting healthy boundaries and healed my relationships!

So how did I do it?

The secrets of how I became the Empowered Empath I am today, are ALL in this 5 week course!

The Empowered Empath course is designed to teach you how to take back control of your energy so that you can learn to love your gift, heal your energetic anxiety and become the confident Empath you were always destined to become!

Over the next 5 weeks you will do some deep work around 

-Identifying your gift...what is an Empath.

-Learn how to get grounded and stay grounded in your own, sacred energy.

-Energy protection and why it is SO important for Empaths.

-Learn tools and techniques to help you grow confident in your gift and OWN IT!

-How to reintegrate into the world as the strong, Empowered Empath.

If you commit to opening your heart and trusting in your gift, you WILL become empowered! 


 Investing in yourself and learning about your gift as an empath is life changing! The moment you come to understand your gift, you empower yourself to stand in your truth and shine your light confidently! 

I am SO ready to embrace my gift and shine, sign me up!!

Was $497.00

Your special price

NOTE: The Empowered Empath course is for the serious, beautiful soul who is ready to fully take back control of their energy and THRIVE!

This course is for the beautiful soul who is ready to be confident. For the beautiful soul who is ready to live their life freely without anxiety about their ability to sense and feel energy. For the beautiful soul who is ready to heal the planet by raising the vibration of all!


This course is EVERYTHING that I learned to help me become the strong, confident Empath I am today!


So WHO is Nicole Sanguinetti?


I was always labeled as overly sensitive.

My sensitivity only magnified when I came into contact with others. Whether they were happy, sad, anxious or scared, I could FEEL their emotions and energy as if it were my own...and it terrified me! So I began to do everything I could to disconnect from people. The more I disconnected with my truth in my gift as an Empath, the more I experienced anxiety and panic that controlled my life. It became my new normal to be afraid to leave my house for fear that I would "sense" something or "feel" something. I didn't know what to do, who to talk to or where to turn. So the anxiety turned into daily panic attacks. I became an expert at hiding my truth behind a wall of fear. I lost myself, my heart and my spirit.

There were many times where I felt like I could not keep fighting or continue to live in fear. But I knew there was a way to heal. 

My curiosity led me to some amazing opportunities and a wealth of knowledge. I became a certified Angel Oracle reader by  Radleigh Valentine, became a certified Angel Guide by Kyle Gray, became a certified Oracle Guide by Colette Baron-Reid, studied with James Van Praagh and learned to love my Divine Feminine while meditating with Alana Fairchild.

Through my work with Spirit and by allowing myself to open up to my gifts I found healing, acceptance and freedom. I did not have to continue to create the patterns or follow the belief systems that were laid out before for me. I no longer needed to hide my truth and make myself small so that I fit in like "normal". I did not have to accept less than what I knew in my heart I deserved. I did NOT have to hide my light or my gifts in fear of the disapproval or judgement of others. 

This is my TRUTH and I am now an Empowered Empath who uses her gift to raise the vibration and help others to heal and rediscover their light!​


So how does the course work?

This course is for the beautiful soul who is ready to step into their truth as an Empath!

This course is an open-enrollment.

Each week, you will go through the weeks PDFs and workbook assignments in the course. There is no one holding you accountable other than yourself, so print out the available materials and hold yourself to the course work and workbook assignments. (They are super fun!) When you purchase the course, you will receive an email outlining all of your course content with links to view everything.

This course is for those who are ready to free themselves from fear of their energy sensitivity!

In this course you will find all your class PDFs, video trainings and printable workbook assignments. The course is designed in a progressive style, so each week you will use what you learned in the previous weeks lesson to build your skills, techniques and tools to become a confident Empath!

My intention for the Empowered Empath course is to teach you all the skills you need to honor your sacred energy, protect your energy and thrive as an Empath!


-What is an Empath?

-What it means to "sense" energy.

-How to clear your energy and why this is VITAL for Empaths.

-Working with a pendulum to clear your energy.

-Protecting your energy 

-Learn what energetic cords are and why you need to have a cord cutting practice.

-How to work with powerful Archangels who will help you to navigate your gift.

-Healing crystals to use daily to keep your energy clear and protected.

-Powerful mantras to keep you in the right mindset and keep your vibes high.

-Reintegrating into the world of energetic bombardment and how to thrive.

-Embracing the beautiful gift you have!


Enroll now and receive a POWERFUL meditation to help you release the old, scared, nervous Empath you used to be, and welcome in the confident, empowered Empath you are going to become!

PLUS: Bonus video content from a previous private facebook group!

Click below to begin your journey to become the confident, Empowered Empath you are meant to be!

Was $497.00

Your special price

After purchasing, you will receive a special email with your course material. Please allow 24 hours for your email to arrive in your inbox. Be sure to double check your spam folder if you do not see your course content email in 24 hours.

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