Intuition Magic:

Interpreting Intuition

The 6 Month Mentorship Program


Have you ever wondered...

“How do I tap into my intuition?” or

“How do I begin to understand what my intuition is telling me?” or

“How can I develop my intuitive gifts so that I can clearly live an intuitive life?”

If this is you, KEEP reading!!

Hello Beautiful soul!!


I know that you have heard the word intuition and maybe you have even wondered if you yourself have the power to connect with intuition. 


Well my love, I have BIG news for you! You ARE an intuitive being and you have the ability to develop, interpret and deeply connect with your intuitive gifts and abilities!


That’s right!! You 100% are intuitive and can develop the skills and knowledge to effortlessly connect with and decipher the intuitive messages, feelings and downloads you receive. 


All you need is the right mentor to guide you, teach you and support you as you begin the journey of mastering your gifts.

This is where Intuition Magic, Interpreting Intuition comes in!


Intuition Magic, Interpreting Intuition is a 6 month mentorship program where you will have the opportunity to work with me 1:1 to develop, strengthen and interpret your intuition and intuitive gifts!

What's included in the Intuition Magic, Interpreting Intuition Mentorship Program:

  • 2 private mentoring call sessions a month for a total of 12 private mentoring sessions during the 6 month mentorship.

  • Integration “Intuition Work!” After each mentoring session, you will receive intuition integration assignments that will help you to develop, practice and interpret your intuitive messages, hits and downloads, allowing you to grow and strengthen your abilities while building clarity and confidence with your intuition! “Intuition Work,” can include PDF workbooks, meditations, journal prompts and practice exercises. 

  • BONUS: Access to my Empowered Empath Online Course (a $497 value) for FREE!!

  • BONUS: Access to Break Free and Believe, the online course (a $444 value) for FREE!!

  • And my gift to you, a copy of my oracle deck, The Light Magic Oracle Deck, will be delivered to you!!

This is for you if...

You have always wanted to develop and have the ability to deeply understand your intuition and the intuitive messages you receive.

You want to learn how to connect with your intuition so that you can cultivate a stronger relationship with your soul self/higher self.

You want to live a soul led life and take inspired action steps towards your dreams, goals and desires.

You want to become confident in your intuitive abilities and clearly understand how to use your intuition to guide you.

You are committed to taking the time to apply what you are learning.

You are ready to invest in yourself and in me as your intuition mentor.

This is NOT for you if...

You do not want to develop your intuition or intuitive abilities.

You do not want to live in alignment with your soul self/higher self.

You do not want to work 1:1 with a mentor.

You are not ready to make a time commitment to practice and apply what you are learning.

You are not ready to invest in yourself or in me as your intuition mentor.

Meet your Mentor

My name is Nicole Sanguinetti and I am an Intuitive Guide and Soul Coach.


I have been guiding beautiful souls like yourself to connecting with Spirit and rediscovering their intuition professionally for 5 years now. My mission is to help you rediscover your intuition and intuitive gifts so that you can live a life in alignment with your highest and greatest good. 


I know that understanding and being able to interpret your intuitive gifts and abilities can feel overwhelming. But with me as your mentor, you will learn how to develop your intuition and intuitive gifts easily and clearly be able interpret the messages you receive!


As a certified ASL Interpreter for 15 years now, I have learned to combine my spiritual gifts with my interpreting gifts. I have learned to use my interpreting skills to strengthen, deepen and develop my own intuition.


If you are feeling called to stop playing small and finally strengthen your intuition, tap into your intuitive gifts and learn how to interpret what your intuition is telling you, I am the perfect mentor to help you!


Intuition Magic, Interpreting Intuition is now open for application!

Due to the nature of the container for this mentorship program, this offering will be limited to just a few spaces. 


The investment for this program is currently $3,888.00 USD (Investment rate will be going up for the next round of openings). 




A payment plan of $750.00 USD a month is also available. 


Click below to schedule your Application Call!

Don't see a time that fits into your schedule? Email me at to discuss accommodations. 


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