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Have you ever wondered...

“How do I tap into my intuition?” 



“How do I begin to understand what my intuition is telling me?”



“How can I develop my intuitive gifts so that I can clearly live an intuitive life?”

If this is you, KEEP reading!!

Welcome to Intuition Magic!

Begin connecting with your intuition effortlessly today!

If you have ever been curious about beginning your intuition journey and have wanted to develop your intuition, I have created something magical for you to help get you started! Welcome to Intuition Magic, the workbook and mini video course!

In this workbook and mini video course, you will learn my top three tips to get you connected and begin interpreting your intuition in no time! Plus, you will learn what I call "The Cycle Of Interpreting Intuition" and gain clarity surrounding the power and magic of your intuition and intuitive gifts!

You don't want to miss this incredible offer. And did I mention, it's FREE!! 

Be sure to sign up below to begin your intuition journey. Your gifts will be delivered to your inbox as soon as you sign up!

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Meet your Mentor

My name is Nicole Sanguinetti and I am an Intuitive Guide and Soul Coach.


I have been guiding beautiful souls like yourself to connecting with Spirit and rediscovering their intuition professionally for 5 years now. My mission is to help you rediscover your intuition and intuitive gifts so that you can live a life in alignment with your highest and greatest good. 


I know that understanding and being able to interpret your intuitive gifts and abilities can feel overwhelming. But with me as your mentor, you will learn how to develop your intuition and intuitive gifts easily and clearly be able interpret the messages you receive!


As a certified ASL Interpreter for 15 years now, I have learned to combine my spiritual gifts with my interpreting gifts. I have learned to use my interpreting skills to strengthen, deepen and develop my own intuition.


If you are feeling called to stop playing small and finally strengthen your intuition, tap into your intuitive gifts and learn how to interpret what your intuition is telling you, I am the perfect mentor to help you!

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