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New Moon Readings

The new moon is all about manifesting magic and calling in your true hearts desires!


I love creating during the new moon because there is so much magic in planting those seeds! 


This new moon is occurring in the sign of Gemini, which is all about communication and fully expressing your emotions. So the energy of this new moon will have you feeling motivated to share your truth and take new, inspired actions steps to make your dreams become a reality! This energy is here to help you grow and evolve into the version of yourself that your soul is calling you to step into. 


To celebrate this new moon in Gemini and the courage you are summoning to take inspired action, I will be doing a special on new moon readings!


This new moon reading will be an email reading consisting of a two card pull and will include an mp4 audio recording with a photo of your cards. What we will be asking of Spirit is, “What magic will I manifest during this new moon in Gemini, as I take inspired action steps toward manifesting my dreams?”


Ready to discover the magic that the new moon in Gemini holds for you?! Click below to purchase your New Moon Reading!


Please allow 72 hours to receive your reading in your mailbox. Much love!!