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Own Your Magic

The Mastermind

You are made up of incredible, magical light!! Get ready to tap into that magic everyday?

Hello Beautiful soul!!


There is NOTHING more magical than you!


You are a unique soul with a unique purpose, power and mission. 


It's easy to become overwhelmed and confused about where to begin or how to even tap into your own power. Especially when you are constantly bombarded by others thoughts and beliefs about who you are, what you should do and who you should become!


But what if it was easy to tap into your power? What if it was easy to remember your purpose and why you are here? What if you could have tools to support you on your journey of stepping into your unique magic? And best of all, what if you had the opportunity to do it with a group of like minded souls who were there to hold space, support and cheer you on every step of the way?

That's where OWN YOUR MAGIC comes in!


Own Your Magic the three month mastermind program is a scared space filled with sacred souls like yourself. Coming together to learn how to tap into their power, connect with their intuition, discover their purpose and live in alignment with their truth confidently every single day!

Tap into the magic in your everyday experience and thrive!

There is nothing more magical than finally stepping into alignment with your power, purpose and truth. It's as if you have been wandering in the dark all along until one day you found the light switch. Suddenly, everything is bathed in a beautiful, sparkling light.


It becomes clear how to follow your path and heart's calling. It becomes easier to distinguish between what is in alignment with your truth and what is not. This simple distinction allows you to find the magic in your everyday experiences while helping you to tap into the lessons the universe is sending to you. Connecting you deeper and deeper with your soul's truth and mission!

You are meant for you mission, you are meant to experience 


What's included in the Own Your Magic Mastermind Program:

  • Over our 3 months together you will receive two live group coaching calls a month. Calls range from 1-1.5 hours, are recorded and include that weeks content plus time built in for Q & A's. Topics we will cover include Intuition, standing in your power, speaking your truth, inner child healing, shadow work and SO much more!

  • Integration "soul work!" After each session you will receive soul coaching integration assignments that will help you to go deeper with the material, allowing you to do your own inner work and step into your confidence while helping you to gain accountability in creating your dreams, goals and desires. Soul work includes PDFs, workbooks, guided meditations, journal prompts and much more! 

  • BONUS: A private Facebook group community of like minded souls where you can share, celebrate and dream together!

  • BONUS: Access to my Empowered Empath Online Course (a $497 value) for FREE! 

  • BONUS: 3 private 1:1, 30 minute coaching consultation calls for extra support and guidance during your time in the program. 

  • EXTRA BONUS: Secret bonus unlocked when you sign up BEFORE January 1st, 2021!

Here are the topics we will dive deeply into during our time together:

  • Intuition, your super power! How to connect with and learn the language of your soul!

  • Honoring your truth and deepest calling, becoming the most confident version of yourself you have ever been.

  • Connecting with and healing the inner child, helping you to reframe your subconscious beliefs and create new, loving beliefs that fully support you and the vision you have for your life!

  • Tapping into your power and purpose.

  • Healing the shadow: Learn how to recognize your shadow side and welcome it into your life with love and appreciation, helping you to become more clear than ever!

  • Learn to believe in yourself and what it is that your heart and soul are craving. Say yes to your dreams, goals and desires...leave the fear behind! 

  • A mindset reset. What we create, what we believe and what we crave for our life begins in our minds. Therefore it is vital to clear away the cobwebs of fear and plant new seeds of belief, trust and faith in yourself! It’s time to learn to love your magic once and for all!

And so much more magic in store!

What are Own Your Magic Members saying about the Mastermind?


"Thank you so much for everything! Thank you for today's session. It was exactly what I have been searching for and I’m looking forward to the Soul Work! I can’t tell you how excited I am for the next 3 months!!!"

"I just wanted to say thank you. For the first time in I can’t remember how long, I am calm! (EXCITED yet calm ) about my new path. It is like a huge door has been opened in front of me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Thank you so much. One week in and you have changed my life!!" 

"Thank you so much for all of this!! I can’t tell you how at peace I am to know who I am and to honor that- I’m excited to discover more and to learn from you! I am very grateful for you as a mentor!"

"I listened to the call replay and boy was I mind BLOWN! I’m learning to have faith in myself and my intuition!!"

"I’m so grateful for this group and to be learning together. I just want to say how grateful I am for having you all as a spiritual team. Having you all to lean on is wonderful!"

"I am so grateful for this group. I can’t stop thinking about how Nicole helped me DIVE DEEPER into what maybe causing fear & ego to take over.... And, all the “ah-ha’s” that happened!"

This is for you if...

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You are ready to learn how to stand in your truth and power with confidence and clarity.

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You feel a deep inner calling to create “more” in your life and to finally live your life in alignment with your dreams, goals and desires.

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You have a desire to do the work and are committed to your own personal healing journey.

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You want to gain confidence and love yourself like you never have before.

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You are searching for a group of like minded souls to connect, celebrate and grow together with.

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You want to tap into your intuition and learn how to speak the language of your soul!

Meet your Coach

My name is Nicole Sanguinetti and I am an Intuitive Guide and Spiritual Coach. 

I have been guiding beautiful souls like yourself to connecting with Spirit and rediscovering their intuition professionally for 5 years now. My mission is to help you rediscover your light and liberate you from fear.

I have been there. I lived in fear for most of my life. Afraid of my gifts, afraid to grow, afraid to connect with my inner truth, scared out of my mind about what others would think or say about me. But then one day I became tired of being afraid. I knew there was more to life than living day to day in fear, just getting by doing the bare minimum and keeping myself and my light small so as not to disturb others. 

I woke up. I knew I was destined for I set myself free. I invested in teachers, coaches and classes to help me understand my unique magic and learned how my fears had held me back from shining for years. I have released myself from the bonds of fear, fearful thoughts, negative relationships and all limitations. I now live my life fully in my truth, unafraid of what others think. I work everyday to help others awaken to their magic and truth. 


It has become my mission to help you liberate yourself and live a life free from fear!


Let's manifest magic together!

Are you ready to tap into your intuition, stand in your truth and live out your soul purpose with clarity and confidence?  Let me help you discover your magic!

The Own Your Magic Mastermind is now WAITLIST.

If you missed the opportunity to join this round and want to be "in the know" to find out when the next round begins, be sure to add your name and email below to be added to the waitlist.

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