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Throughout this guidebook you will discover new and exciting ways to connect with your heart, your soul and activate the self love you have been craving! Get ready for magic as you step into your most confident, evolved and loved self!


Filled with journal prompts, guided meditations, and a specially crafted trainging video on tapping for self love.


Designed as a 5 day experience, The Self Love Activation will guide you through:


- Self love as a spiritual pratice

- How to flow with the seasons of your life

- Self care for self love

- Energy care and detoxing for love

- Inspired action for manifestation


In the Self Love Activation Bundle you will receive:


- A 32 page guidebook

- Special journal prompts

- 4 guided meditations




- "Reprogramming Your Beliefs" guide

- "Shadow Work, Soul Workbook" guide


A digital download which includes:


- Downloadable PDF guidebook.

- 4 exclusive guided meditations (embeded into your PDF workbook).

- 1 exclusive training video on tapping for self love (embeded into your PDF workbook).

- Special journal prompts (embeded into your PDF workbook).

Self Love Activation Bundle

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