Hello beautiful soul! My Name is Nicole and I am a Psychic Medium, Intuitive and Spiritual Coach.

I specialize in helping you to create clarity and alginment within your life so that you feel confident and connected with your unique gifts, life path and journey!



We all have unique gifts and lessons that our soul's come here to learn. These lessons help us to uncover layers of doubt and fear that have kept us stuck in patterns that do not serve our soul's journey and growth.

It has become my mission to help guide beautiful soul's like yourself through breakthroughs that will help you to discover what these lessons are and how they can help you to heal your fears, grow and ultimately remember who you are!



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Spiritual Coaching and Intuitive Mentori

Praise for Nicole

I truly enjoy Nicole’s presence and her ability to reach her audience through her warm and light-hearted personality. She is very honest when sharing the practical aspects of metaphysical teachings, as she comes from personal experience and shares her stories of her own psychic development. Nicole has something to offer all seekers…from the beginners who are mildly curious; to those who are deeply desiring to understand more about how to navigate their own energy and the energy of others. Nicole helps us to understand ourselves more fully as spiritual beings in this physical experience. And she does it all with a genuine quality of love of the subject and her continuing life journey.”



Shaman and energy psychology practitioner



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