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Manifest a magical life!



Hello beautiful soul!

I'm Nicole and I an Intuitive Guide and Spiritual Coach.

I specialize in helping you to release fears and emotional blocks so that you can have breakthroughs and confidently live out your soul’s mission! 

We all have unique gifts and lessons that our soul's come here to learn. These lessons help us to uncover layers of doubt and fear that have kept us stuck in patterns that do not serve our soul's journey and growth.

It has become my mission to help guide beautiful soul's like yourself through breakthroughs that will help you to discover what these lessons are and how they can help you to heal your fears, grow and ultimately remember who you are!


My Services


1:1 Readings

Receive clarity, healing and supportive guidance to light your path.

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Soul Coaching

Awaken the magic within, remember who you are and deeply connect with your soul.

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Group Coaching 

Connect with like minded souls, grow and expand with loving support. 


Nicole's readings are so loving and beautiful! She is a beacon of light and her work as a soul mentor is so very needed in this world right now. She was born to do this work! Thank you for shining Nicole!


My  reading touched my heart so deeply. I cannot express how accurate it was, wow so true! It is so difficult when you feel misunderstood, but you made me feel like I was not alone! Thank you so much Nicole!


My reading with Nicole was truly filled with love, light and magic! She is so sweet and her excitement is contagious! I had been struggling with direction and she helped me gain clarity and insight on the path in front of me. Thank you for you encouragement and insight Nicole!



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