I truly enjoy Nicole’s presence and her ability to reach her audience through her warm and light-hearted personality. She is very honest when sharing the practical aspects of metaphysical teachings, as she comes from personal experience and shares her stories of her own psychic development. Nicole has something to offer all seekers…from the beginners who are mildly curious; to those who are deeply desiring to understand more about how to navigate their own energy and the energy of others. Nicole helps us to understand ourselves more fully as spiritual beings in this physical experience. And she does it all with a genuine quality of love of the subject and her continuing life journey.”



Shaman and energy psychology practitioner


Nobody wants to lose a loved one, especially “sooner” then expected. My grandmother and I had a special bond and losing her quickly to cancer was heartbreaking.


Being able to connect with her though Nicole was so comforting, and provided me with so much peace. The things Nicole picked up from my grandmother were amazing, it was undoubtedly her. Once Nicole connected, my sassy Italian grandmother made her presence really known! 


My grandmother was able to talk to me just as much as I was able to talk to her. I was going through a hard time, so she made sure to let Nicole know what she thought I should do and that she was there with me;)


Nicole was able to help me realize my grandmother isn’t gone, she just isn’t here with me in a physical way. She is always here to talk to and be a part of my life, just in a different way then I anticipated. Since then I have been able to grow my relationship with my grandmother and talk to her daily, she is my angel.


Nicole also has done angel card readings with me from time to time. She has helped me ask my angels and guides for guidance and answers related to my life issues, decisions, etc. Being able to feel supported by something “bigger then myself” has been so helpful and provided a lot of clarity during difficult times as well as daily life in general.


I can not recommend Nicole enough. If you have been brought to her, trust it’s for a reason and work with her. She truly has a special gift and I am so grateful to have met her. 


- JS

Nicole speaks right to your soul and is a soul mentor and guru in many ways. Thank you for your light and dedication to telling it like it is- I haven’t met any medium who is as in tune and able to communicate in a straight to soul way like you. Thank you!


I came across Nicole through Instagram, and I haven’t looked back since. She has helped me in so many ways, from romance, to life in general with her readings and I am forever grateful to and for her, and I am forever changed because of her words. Thank you so much Nicole.




I just finished my reading and cried my eyes out, thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!! I feel such an amazing sense of relief, peace and serenity. I'm completely blown away and so excited. You're awesome and an angel as well.


After following Nicole on Instagram and watching her Live with Spirit show, which I love, I scheduled a reading with her. Before the reading I meditated and wrote down some questions I had. Nicole was Amazing! She answered my questions before I asked them and was spot on about what I was wanting to work on in my art. The messages from my spirit guides were so wonderful to hear. Thank you Nicole for sharing your gift!


I took the “Healing Crystals for Empaths” mini course and it was great!  I’m somewhat new to crystals and this class was so informative.  It was helpful information about crystals, but I also appreciated the information that she provided on where to purchase crystals, how to cleanse, set an intention and a mantra for each one.  Every time I review my notes I always learn something more. It’s a lot of information but don’t worry.  Nicole’s great energy and ability to provide the information in an organized manner make it really easy to learn.  Thanks so much Nicole!! 




Taking Nicole's "Healing Crystals for Empaths" mini course was such a great eye opener that I'm so glad I invested in!  Because I'm a bit of a crystal newbie, the way that Nicole explained every crystal was so much more helpful and insightful than what you'll get from reading a book, especially with the mantras that she provides for you. Your hand will definitely be a bit sore from writing so much after this course!




I want to thank you so much for the Healing Crystals for Empaths class. The visual part of this class and the interaction was key for me.  You made it easy to understand and explained so much more than just what the crystal is called and what it does.  Learning other ways to cleanse them and how to invoke intention, along with a mantra to work with the crystal.  I sort of understood all of this, but because I am a visual person, I finally just got it during your class. I want to thank you for much for this class. It was very powerful for me and I am so grateful for you and helping me with my journey.  This class has allowed me to understand more about the magic of crystals and I am so excited to add to my collection.  I AM NOW OBSESSED!!




Nicole's Healing Crystals for Empaths class was wonderful! I have been interested in crystals for a while. I've recently started to collect and study about them. But something was missing. Nicole is amazing! She explains each crystal very clearly. I liked how she broke up the crystals into three groups and how to work with them to help yourself. This class was a great help! Thank you Nicole for sharing your gifts!



I have had the privilage to take Nicole’s Empowered Empath class last year. This class has been extremely influential in dealing with my anxiety and sensitivities to the energy around me. Nicole goes in depth with how to use crystals, break your ties to harmful energies, and how to uplevel yourself as an empath. I would highly recommend this to everyone! You don’t have to be an empath to get something out of this class. Thank you Nicole for sharing your gift!



You are truely a light in my life! 


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